26. Server

With an MQC Server, you have centralized data storage and analysis platform. The server can manage and/or integrate (ldap) user accounts, groups and permissions of the library and the data.

An MQC Server also provides a web interface, which removes the need for the MQC desktop client by providing a web player, that runs the client instances on the server that are created on demand.

A user with editor or viewer access can open the web interface in any modern browser.


Figure 26.1 Login prompt of the server’s web application

After login, a normal user has access to the Library and the Analytics (the web player).


Figure 26.2 Home screen of the server for non-admin users

Administrators additionally have access to user, group and library management, the automation service and more.

If you need more information of the administration of an MQC Server, please contact the MQC Support: mqc@model-engineers.com.

26.1. Library

The MQC Server library is a virtual storage of created Projects (.dxp files locally) and Automation Jobs.

Every user has access to the same library, but the permissions can restrict access to functionality and whole folders. While a role like an MQC Viewer can only open Projects, an MQC Editor can also save a new Project in the library.


Figure 26.3 Server library with accessible folders and saved analyses

26.2. Web Player

The MQC Server provides a Web Player to create or open a Project directly in the browser. When opening a Project, a new instance is created on the server, which allows multiple open Projects for the same user.

The Web Player is nearly feature identical as the MQC Desktop Client, with only some options from the Tool-Menu missing.

A link to a specific project opening in the web player can be created very easily using a common url format: https://your-mqc-server.intern/spotfire/wp/OpenAnalysis?file={LibraryPath}


Figure 26.4 Web player with no analysis loaded

The library can be accessed directly inside the web player without opening the library itself.


Figure 26.5 Server library in the web player

To create a new project, a .xlsx Excel File has to be imported (local file). This can either be a SetupConfiguration or an empty Excel file.