18. Target Values

MQC provides the possibility to define target values for selected measures, i.e. base measures as well as quality properties, to enable the user to compare the current state of a project to an expected state.

The User is able to define:

  • target values for each artifact;

  • target values for each milestone (whereas target values can be defined for selected milestones only);

  • one or multiple target values per measure.

MQC allows:

  • to define arbitrary target names;

  • to import a target value configuration at any time replacing previously imported targets;

  • to completely remove imported target values;

  • to switch on or off the visualization of target values.

MQC shows target values in trend charts as well as in status charts of custom pages (see Custom Pages).

In trend charts target values are shown as additional dashed line per measure trend line using the same color as used for the measure itself (see Figure 18.1).


Figure 18.1 Trend chart with one measure incl. target trend

In status charts target values are shown as horizontal line per measure bar (see Figure 18.2).


Figure 18.2 Status chart with one measure incl. two target lines

18.1. Configuration of Target Values

Target values have to be configured for milestones, hence, targets are intended to be reached at the end of the corresponding milestone. Based on the configured milestone targets, MQC calculates target values for revisions (see details in Calculation of Target Values per Revision).

The configuration of target values in MQC is done via Excel and must have the following structure:

  • Artifact Name: the name of the artifact a target value shall be applied to

  • Milestone Name: the name of the milestone a target value shall be reached

  • Target for Measure Name: for each measure, a target value shall be applied to, a separate column has to be filled; the column header must contain the full qualified name of the respective measure and is expected in the following notation:

    • Targets for base measures (as defined in the Quality Model Excel file TargetValuesPerMilestone_Template.xlsx to be found under: C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\TIBCO\Spotfire\10.3.3\Modules\MES.MQC.CoreExtension_X.X.X.X\Resources\SampleFiles\ within the “Base Measure” sheet):


    • Targets for quality properties (as defined in the quality model):



Figure 18.3 Several options to configure target values per measure, per artifact and per milestone using different target names

Figure 18.3 shows different options to configure target values per quality property:

  • for selected milestones (not the first and not the last one),

  • for all milestones,

  • for the first and the last milestone.

Please note, if the configured measure name does not contain a target name at the end, a default target name “Target” is applied by MQC instead.

To import a target value configuration Excel file, open the Target Values dialog from the Configuration section of the menu, click on Target Values/Load and navigate to the folder, where you have stored your configuration.

Importing a new target value configuration will replace all previously imported target values.

To make the imported target values visible in the corresponding visualizations on custom pages, enable the Target values in visualizations check box in the Settings dialog from the configuration section of the menu (see Figure 18.4).


Figure 18.4 Enable the display of Target Values on Custom Pages via the Settings dialog

Disabling the check box just removes the targets from the visualizations, whereas the target value configuration still remains in MQC.

If the Show on custom pages check box is already enabled when importing a target value configuration, MQC will automatically update all corresponding visualizations. The same applies, when custom pages are added or replaced. MQC will automatically include already imported target values into the custom pages visualizations.

To remove all configured target values, choose Target Values/Remove in the Target Values dialog from the Configuration section of the menu. MQC then automatically updates all corresponding visualizations.

18.2. Calculation of Target Values per Revision

Via configuration, target values can be assigned to arbitrary milestones, i.e.

MQC supports target value gaps (one or more milestones without targets)

  • at the beginning of a project

  • in the mid of a project

  • as well as at the end of a project.

Target values are defined per (end of) milestone. Measures and quality properties in MQC are always handled per revision. Thus, MQC calculates target values per revision based on the configured milestone target values.

MQC interpolates between previous and next configured milestone target value. As init value, which is assigned to the project start date, MQC uses 0.

After the last milestone with configured target value, MQC keeps the last target value. Interpolation currently is done linearly.


Figure 18.5 Target values configured for milestones M1, M2 and M4, linearly calculated target values for revisions assigned to milestones


For a comprehensive target value calculation, a proper milestone configuration is needed. Each milestone must contain a valid milestone start and due date. Please refer to Project Milestone Structure.