3.7. Filter Panel

The filter panel opens by clicking on the filter icon in the upper right corner (see Figure 3.21). It can be used to reduce the data underlying the visualizations and metric calculations in MQC to a specific selection.

Filtering is also possible by deselecting elements of the artifact and quality structures within their KPI visualizations (read more about marking in Section 3.3). However, this is limited to the currently active levels of these two structures of these two types of structures.

The filter panel, on the other hand, allows filtering for all defined structures of the current project. In addition to all structures for the artifacts and quality properties, these are also the milestone and data structures. If several structures are defined, e.g. for the artifact or the quality properties, the filtering can be carried out here on the basis of the different structures at the same time.

By deselecting individual structure levels within the filter panel, all underlying data and quality values assigned to this level and the structure below it will no longer be taken into account when displaying the project. This is also independent of which structure settings have been made in the individual pages. Filtering affects the entire project and influences all visualizations on every page.


Figure 3.21 Example project with open filter panel

It should be noted that the deselected elements are filtered out even if they are still enabled in other parts of the filter panel. The filter selection is therefore to be understood as with an AND condition.

For an user with editor permissions, the selection of the filter panel is saved within the project. Otherwise, the filter selection is only temporary until the project is closed.

The advantage of filtering with the filter panel is, that it is a more permanent application than using the marking, which can also be used together with it. With the filter panel you can hide all the parts of the project you don’t want to focus on and, together with the marking, it helps you look at details more closely. In addition, the filter panel provides a quick overview of the entire structure of the project at any time.